Bear Fights in DC

May 27, 2011

last weekend roughly 15 ex ruggers gathered in DC for a mini-reunion, graduation years from ’90 – ’09.  Things began on the golf course where Lovell, Will and Decossimo displayed less than exemplary golf skills and demonstrated why their sports remain rugby, basketball and soccer.  The evening included a local watering hall/play the music loud hall, a guided tour by McGlone through the DC business district and the remainder of the night in Adams Morgan where Alexander met two lovely friends.  Bear Fights made thier first appearance of the weekend.  Saturday was spent at the Eastern USA Rugby Mens playoffs in Manassas…nothing wrong with a full day of rugby!  The evening we hit Old Town and introduced several bartenders to bearfights…see a recurring theme?!?  All in all a great weekend and one to be repeated.  Hope more will join us for the next gathering.


Annual BankWet

May 27, 2011

This year the annual BankWet was held Saturday, May 21.  Breaking with tradition the event was a casual BBQ rather than coat and tie affair.  Another break from tradition was the date, seeing that exams ended on May 21 many players had already left for the summer.  Needless to say great fun was had, those who were not there missed out,  and the annual awards were presented:

Screaming Mink: Stockton Bullitt ’12
MVP: Tuwi Rokodulu ’13 (second year in a row)
Rookie of the year: Darin Grimm ’12
Most Improved: Bill “Flaco” Johnson ’12
Outstanding Pack Player: Tyler Thompson ’11
Outstanding Back Player: Darin Grimm ’12
NoNad GoNad: Bill “Flaco” Johnson ’12 (second year in a row)
Fugly Ugly: Bill “Flaco” Johnson ’12 )second year in a row)

Thanks to Coach John Welsh for his time, committment, guidance and patience. 
Thanks to Lauren Welsh for allowing John to be with us.

Adios Seniors & Pablo

May 27, 2011

Yesterday was graduation, a hot hot graduation.  Congratulations to all our seniors for their time, commitment and leadership.  Special thanks to Nicko Choksi and Tyler Thompson who were with us all four years.   They both contnue to keep thier employment options open, so keep them in mind.

Pablo Gluth ’11Law we bid farewll to several weeksa ago as he pursues his passion on the professional poker circuit.  You will be missed!

Also a thank you to all the parents for supporting your men in playing this exciting sport and being there as they learn the ins and outs of a new game.  It is always great to see you on the sidelines, so keep it up.

Club president Stockton Bullitt has delegated many items to his officers to accomplish this summer as eyes are already looking toward a competitive Fall.  If you know any incoming freshamn or current students that want to play rugby, have them get in touch with Coach Lovell at 540-458-8467.