CCRC Tournament Schedule – This Weekend

W&L received the #1 seed for this weekend’s conferenece tournement.  All matches will be played at VMI on thier North Post drill fields, located on thier back campus down by their tennis courts and baseball stadium.  Parking will be at a premium, so consider parking at W&L across from the Law School and walk the Chessie Trail to the pitches.


Saturday, Nov 7, 2015

Time Pitch Game Teams Length
0900 Turf Plate play-in Christendom v Madison 60 min
1000 Grass NChall-1 W&L v HSC 80 min
1015 Turf NChamp-1 UofR v Duke 60 min
1130 Turf CP-1 Heat v LFCC 80 min
1130 Grass D2-1 VMI v VCU 80 min
1300 Turf Dev EHC v Lynchburg 80 min
1300 Grass D2-2 ODU v UMW 80 min
1430 Grass NChall-2 CNU v Roanoke 80 min
1430 Turf CP-2 Griffins v winner Plate play-in 60 min
1600 Turf NChamp-2 W&M v UofR 60 min


Sunday, Nov 8, 2015

Time Field Game Teams Time
1000 Turf NChall-3 (3rd/4th) Loser NChall-1 v Loser NChall-2 80 min
1000 Grass D2-3 (3rd/4th) Loser D2 1 v Loser D2-2 80 min
1130 Turf CP-3 (3rd/4th) Loser CP-1 v Loser CP-2 80 min
1130 Grass NChall-4 (1st/2nd) Winner NChall-1 v NChall-2 80 min
1300 Turf CP-4 (1st/2nd) Winner CP-1 v Winner CP-2 80 min
1300 Grass NChamp-3 W&M v Duke 80 min
1430 Grass D2-4 (1st/2nd) Winner D2-1 v Winner D2-2 80 min

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