Support W&L Rugby

The Club greatly appreciates your support, especially financial support.  Did you know it costs more than $13,000 a year to operate the club.  W&L Rugby does receive nominal University funding, but the majority of the funding comes player dues, fundraisers, and contributions.  

If you would like to make a financial or product contribution please contact Coach Lovell directly. 

The Club’s Wish List:

  • New set of Away Jerseys ($1500)
  • A new scrum sled ($10,000)
  • Full practice kit (shorts, socks and jerseys) for every dues paying member ($60 per person)
  • Assistance with Savannah Tournament Costs (entry fee, kit, lodging, transportation, meals)
  • Custom W&L Rugby Flag/Banner ($300)
  • Ongoing equipment needs (Balls, Pads, ect.) ($100 – $500)
    Tranportation to away games (approx $1200 per game)
  • Field and Clubhouse -Dream BIG
  • Rainy Day Fund

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