Rugby Christmas

November 23, 2010

Now is the time to be thinking about and ordering rugby gear for your favorite rugger.  It goes with out saying that nothing says Merry Christmas better than a custom W&L Rugby Tie by Vineyard Vines.  contact tom for a tie

Other good items include protective equipment such as a scrum cap or shoulder pads.  Jerseys are always a fan favorite and everyone needs the proper kit (shorts, socks & jersey) for practice.  This is college, so books are good.  Begin with the Book of Laws (actually learn the rules??) and anythin ghaving to do with specific positions and pattern of play.    Last year I suggested the book Playing the Enemy, which the movie Invictus was based on.  This is still a great read. 

Any of this can be ordered from any of the online rugby suppliers.

Finally, if you know of a stocky 300 pounder that runs a 9.4 – 100, has great hands, tackles like a banchee, is deadly accurate with kicking and sings like an angel …you can get him for the team for Christmas.


College Rugby Restructuring

November 23, 2010

USA Rugby Board of Directors Approves College Restructuring Plan 

BOULDER, COLO. — The USA Rugby Board of Directors on November 12 approved a new administrative and competitive structure for intercollegiate rugby.  Over a three-year period, collegiate rugby will transition to a conference-based structure in order to accommodate increased participation and to ease the administrative burden of collegiate rugby programs.

Roll out plan for collegiate rugby programs must be in effect no later than the below seasons:

DI schools – 2011-2012
DII schools: 2012-2013
DIII schools: 2013-2014

Stay tune for how this impacts the W&L program.

Turley Trot Race TODAY

November 9, 2010

Plan on running as an individual or as a team….  Woul dbe great to have a good rugby showing at this.

4K Turkey Trot 
Washington and Lee, with the support of the House Mountain Track Club will sponsor a 4K Turkey Trot Trail Run and a one-mile youth run on Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 9 at 4:30 p.m.
The afternoon slot is designed to encourage student runners from W&L and VMI to participate. Registration will begin at 3:30 p.m. at Jordan’s point Park. The race is open to all runners. A $1 donation is appreciated.
For more information, contact:
Ray Ellington (W&L) 458-8244
Paul Moosman (VMI) 463-1737
David Howison (HMTC) 463-2116

VRU Fall Results

November 9, 2010

Division III
1. Longwood
2. University of Richmond
3. Mary Washington 3 (did not qualify for Ed Lee)
4. William and Mary
5. Hampden Sydney College
6. Washington and Lee University
7. Christopher Newport University
8. Roanoke College

Ed Lee Results

November 8, 2010

Although the Minks took a year off from the Ed Lee tournament this year (did not qualify), we still made an impact.  The win against CNU this past Friday gave HSC the fourth seed and not CNU.   Here are the results of Ed Lee….

VRU 2010 Champions:
Division 2 – James Madison University
Division 3 – Longwood

VRU automatic qualifiers for the MARFU Championships are:
1. James Madison – VRU #1 D2
2. Mary Washington – VRU #2 D2
Div. 3
NSCRO – VRU #1 Longwood – This is determined by Ed Lee
Div. 3 MARFU (does not move on to NSCRO) – this was determined by league standings.
1. Longwood
2. University of Richmond
3. Mary Washington 3

These five teams will be competing in the spring playoffs. Check for more information.

Great Weekend, Look to the Spring

November 8, 2010

Thanks to all the parents for coming out and watching the Minks on Friday end the season with a good win against CNU.  It’s been a tough Fall season, but the guys never quit.  Now its time for a little reast and relaxation, but don’t let up too much on fitness as we’ll be back at it in roughly 8 weeks for the Spring season.  Now is the time to hit the weights and maintain (build for some of you) your core fitness. 

As always it was great to see players and their parents off the pitch at the reception Saturday morninbg at Bobby’s.  Bobby, thanks for having everyone over and for cleaning up before hand. 

Dr. Thompson, the growlers are always welcome!!

The Minks begin now assembling our Spring schedule and talk is good about an international tour over Spring Break.  Financial committements will need to be on hand soon.  The tour would be open to all players, alumni and parents.

Don’t Dress Like Scubs!

November 5, 2010

Saturday, Nov 6 (Parents Weekend) the team will have a Parents Weekend Tailgate at 12:30pm at 118 N. Randolph.  Nico says “Come hang out before you go to the football game…or just don’t go to the football game. Don’t come dressed like scrubs!”

See you there…..