Fall 2011 Schedule Announced

June 15, 2011

After several revisions and a look at splitting into two division, the decision has been made to keep one full DIII league.  Every team plays everyone and final league standings dictate who moves on in the national tournament, so every match matters!   Our schedule has been posted on the Schedule Page and note that we have a league match in Feb 2012 against our newest league team, Lord Fairfax Community College.  Other teams in our division include: Christopher Newport, Hampden Sydney, Lynchburg, Mary Washington D3 side, Roakone, Virginia Commonwealth and William & Mary.   Longwood, this past year’s national DIII champion has moved up to D2.   We have several open dates at the beginning of the season, so we will look to fill those with some warm-up matches.


D3 Changes into East and West Format

June 6, 2011

Looks like VRU D3 is changing for the upcoming year.  Not sure this is set in stone yet, but D3 will consist of 10 teams and divide into an East and West format.
    East – CNU, William and Mary, VCU, UMW D3
    West – LFCC, HSC, W & L, RC, LC

D3 competition structure will change as follows:

  1. We will move to an East/West format (as long as all teams are still competing)
  2. The first four weeks will be divisional play
  3. The next five weeks will be crossovers – #1 east will play #4 west and so on. Winners then play winners and losers play losers. These are the playoffs! All games will be played at the higher seeds home pitch until we’ve reached the final order 1-9.
  4. For MARFU – we’ll use the #1-#3 teams as determined by this proposed competition