24 Days…..

July 29, 2013

Until Preseason beings.  Be aware of the  latest promulgation of ‘scrum enhancements’ from the IRB.




Pre Season Quickly Approaching

July 22, 2013

This year begins THURSDAY, AUGUST 22.  We know you’ve been working hard this summer to stay/get in shape and refine your rugby skills.  Pre Season this year begins on Thursday, August 22.  If you have not already, contact Charlie and let him know:

1. What day you will be returning to Lexington
2. Where you will be living, especially if it is University housing as you will need to get keys.
3. Do you want a meal plan through University Dining.  You will be responsible for the cost.
4. What, if any, conflicts you will have during preseason (RA Training, Pre-O trip, ext.).

Daily training will be on Fuge Field from 9 – 11am and 3-5pm.  Be sure to get your necessary gear now and come prepared and ready to work.  Now defines the season.